Northern Colorado Air, Inc. understands concerns about safety during home visits, and takes great care now, as it always has, to ensure the protection of its staff and customers. Technicians will enter your home with courteous caution at appropriate social distance, wearing booties over shoes and, upon request, gloves and masks. They’ll listen to your concerns about Covid-19 and respond practically.

Please note: So as to reduce trips and service calls, if you have other needs or scheduled maintenance, please share that with our dispatch/customer care representatives and they can map out an efficient response. Technicians might be there to install a PureAir system, but if your HVAC condenser needs cleaning or water heater has an issue, it’s best if they can address everything in a single visit.

The company is prioritizing service calls at this time based on the seriousness of the situation the customer is experiencing. But please remember: Northern Colorado Air, Inc. is available 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

With current concerns for airborne viruses causing illnesses, Northern Colorado Air, Inc. can help improve the air quality in your home with products like air purifiers and cleaners. Learn More…